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Land Rover Show

The GLR team are thinking of having a stall at one of this years up-coming Land Rover shows. Between us we have quite a collection of Land Rover literature, parts and also some outdoor & military items that are usually of interest to us Land Rover types. So to the question; if you could or indeed will be attending only… Read more »

Evoque Live

Modchop   29/05/2011   No Comments on Evoque Live

        Today the GLR team took up their invitations to the ‘Evoque Live’ launch event at the NEC Birmingham. We arrived 10 minutes before the start of the event and handed over our ticket confirmations and in return were given a credit card sized piece of card with a picture of an Evoque printed on it (our… Read more »

Peterborough Conundrum

(Probably) Off to the LRO Show this weekend in Peterborough. The only issue is, which day do I go? Saturday will be better because less will have been sold but Sunday could be better because the Sodbury Sortout is there on Sunday. Unfortunately it will be a solo trip as my fellow blogger is larging it in Wales. That said… Read more »