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The Defender has gone…

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After much deliberation I decided to sell the Defender on and go on the hunt for something with a bit more comfort! Finally I’ve found what I was looking for, a 2004 Discovery II  ‘Landmark’  edition in……Epsom green. (Well it had to be really, didn’t it?) I pick it up on Thursday, so pictures will be posted up as soon as… Read more »

‘Mud Stuff’ Tunnel Tray

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OK, so it’s not exactly a modification, but it is damn useful ! I ordered this from ‘Mudstuff’ – http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/ – A nice little bit of kit that fits in seconds and has already proved to be a handy place to put ‘stuff’. All that ‘stuff’ that usually rattles around on the dash tray or in the cubby box cupholders…. Read more »

Higher Ratio Transfer Box Upgrade

  When I decided to get another Defender this was one of the first thing’s that I knew I’d get done. The gearing is basically raised by 15% reducing both noise and revs and therefore making for a more ‘civilised’ drive, well, by Defender standards at least ! I had the work done by Nene before I took delivery of… Read more »

Almost there

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Well just one more day of work to go before I collect the 110. I’ve just finished emptying the Nissan in readiness, why do we carry so much stuff around with us ? Gloves, tow-straps, WD-40, etc. Now I know these are essential items in a Land Rover, but I’ve never had to use any of this stuff in the last 18… Read more »