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LED light upgrade

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This is a really easy, useful ‘mod’ that takes minutes to do. The three interior lights in the Discovery never seem to give out enough light at night when you’re looking for something either in the boot, footwell or rear seats, whatever you’re looking for always seems to be hidden in the shadows! For around £4 each you can replace the interior… Read more »

Nocturnal vanity!

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Another quick and easy ‘mod’ I did today, a replacement sunvisor with a built-in illuminated vanity mirror, not for me obviously, but my significant other! Fitting really couldn’t be any easier, simply remove the three pozidrive machine screws and remove the existing visor. Now, hiding inside the headlining, tucked up out the way, you should be able to find the… Read more »

Rear light guards

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A nice easy little ‘mod’ that I’d been contemplating for a while. I finally ordered some from Mail Order 4×4 in their January sale. I’ve only gone for the upper light guards because if you have rear parking sensors (which mine does) the lower light guards foul 2 of the sensors, so that was a non-starter! Fitting couldn’t be easier, simply remove… Read more »

Freelander Rear Lighting Upgrade

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I’ve often thought that the Freelander never really had good visibility at night. The old Disco 1 lighting arrangement has always appealed to me and I wondered if something like this could be done for the Freelander. After an aborted attempt using diodes and resistors, I came across this article detailing an upgrade. Anyhow, Mr Modchop and I carried out… Read more »

Alloy Bling!

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  Well I finally got myself some alloys to replace the ‘wolf’ rims. I managed to get a set of 5 genuine ‘Boost’ alloy wheels fitted with General Grabber TR tyres. Although not as good off-road (probably), the Generals are certainly quieter on the road and hopefully will contribute to a small increase in economy. Here’s a couple of ‘before… Read more »

Silver or black, what do you think?

Did my first bit of tinkering today while I had a spare 5 minutes. I’ve changed the headlamp finishers to black to match the grill. I can’t say I’ve ever been that keen on the ‘Brunel’ finish, even when I had an XS, I changed the grill and finishers to black (LRX satin black one’s). What do you think, here’s a… Read more »

Higher Ratio Transfer Box Upgrade

  When I decided to get another Defender this was one of the first thing’s that I knew I’d get done. The gearing is basically raised by 15% reducing both noise and revs and therefore making for a more ‘civilised’ drive, well, by Defender standards at least ! I had the work done by Nene before I took delivery of… Read more »

GPS Antenna Installation

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As I intend to install the Alpine NVE-N999P I needed a GPS antenna. The NVE-N999P comes with a puck antenna that you are supposed to locate on the dash somewhere. I didn’t really like this idea as it looks a bit naff . Therefore thought it would be good to utilise the proper Land Rover GPS antenna. Nick had used… Read more »