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Webasto fitted but not yet operational

Yesterday, I took the GLR Freelander to Auto Electrical Services in Tamworth to have the Fuel Burning Heater Kit fitted. Unfortunately I didn’t communicate the fact that, when I asked for the kit to be plumbed in,  I also wanted the fuel line connecting as well. My mistake! AES have done what looks to be an excellent job. I’m really… Read more »

EGR Valve removal – Quick update

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I removed the EGR valve and so far the signs are good, the engine seems that little bit more responsive and mileage from a full tank of fuel seems slightly up. I’ve covered approximately 600 miles since removal, that included all kinds of driving from motorway, twisty fast ‘A’ roads, windy little ‘B’ roads and… Read more »

Freelander rear door handle broken

Came home from work today and when I tried to open the boot, the handle broke away from the door: – I swung into action, well I fired up the laptop and looked on eBay for a second hand part. Unfortunately it became apparent that price difference between a second hand and a new part made it not worthwhile bothering… Read more »

Freelander Harman Kardon Upgrade – Part II

As mentioned in my previous post, I’d managed to bag some Harman Kardon upgrade parts for the Freelander. Well they arrived today so I set about fitting them… When I originally installed the Becker stereo/sat nav, I had to bridge out the amplifier connects so that sound would come out of the speakers. This has worked quite well and I’ve… Read more »

New Rear Number Plate for Freelander

  Last year I got a new front number plate as the old one fell off. Since the I’ve wanted a rear GB one to match. I bought one at Billing last year and wasn’t really satisfied with the quality of it. For this reason I bought a new one from Number 1 Showplates. This evening I set about fitting… Read more »

Installing Becker Traffic Pro 4765 satnav into Freelander

I’ve wanted the Becker satnav for the Freelander for ages. When one came along at the right price I decided to go for it. The install is quite involved as the main head unit to speakers loom has to be replaced. There is also an extra ECU for the steering wheel controls. Parts required: – Item Part Number/ Description Notes… Read more »

Side step removal and sheared body mount

I decided a while back that I’d like to remove the side steps that the Discovery came fitted with. In preparation for their removal I’d been soaking all the fixings underneath the vehicle for a few weeks in WD40 in the hope this would make their removal easier, this didn’t quite go to plan…   I didn’t take many photographs of… Read more »