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New tyres for Freelander 2

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As the GLR Freelander has its MOT tomorrow, I decided to get some new tyres as the current ones were getting close to the legal limit. I’ve always bought Michelin tyres as although they are more expensive than other tyres, I find they tend to last longer. This last set has lasted just under 35,000 miles according to my records…. Read more »

Freelander 2 Problems

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I purchased my Freelander 2  from Guy Salmon in Wakefield  last August. I’ve had 10 months of fairly trouble free motoring and other than a problem I had with the sunroof everything has been fine. Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed a few problems with the vehicle: – Tailgate release switch doesn’t work. Have to use the key… Read more »

Increasing RAM to 16Gb on a MacBook Pro

Not really a Land Rover article per se but here at GLR Towers, we like Macs. ModChop has a rather nice iMac and I use a MacBook Pro. I first used a Macintosh for a brief spell back in 1987 when I started on a Youth Training Scheme. However I used mostly DOS/Windows machines since then. Back in 2011 I bought… Read more »

Freelander 2 New Tyre Required

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Yesterday morning the Freelander underside scraped on the driveway of the service road I use to put the vehicle in the back garden. “Strange” I thought but nothing more. Only when I was driving up the road and the ominous flat tyre noise came drumming in did I realise what had happened. I Turned the vehicle around and parked up… Read more »

Freelander 2 60k Service

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I have been meaning to get the Freelander 2 serviced now for several months. However due to other pressures I’ve been unable to find the time. Finally managed to get it booked into Ultimate Land Rover yesterday. As usual Terry came and picked it up for me around 8 o’clock and brought back around 7. That man works long hours! They… Read more »

Torque Wrench

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When refitting wheels or any other component for that matter I always like to tighten the fixings or bolts, etc to the recommended torque value especially where the correct torque can be safety critical. I already have two torque wrenches of differing sizes and between them they tend to cover most circumstances for everyday maintenance and repairs but on a… Read more »

Freelander air filter replacement

I decided to change the air filter for no other reason than I’d picked up a replacement at a show for a bargain price! There’s nothing difficult involved in changing the filter but accessing the 2 rearmost fixings can be a bit of a struggle due to their placement, for the rear 2 you’ll need a 5mm hex bit and… Read more »

Locking wheel nut cover removal tool

Something you don’t want to discover on a dark, wet windy night when you’re trying to change a wheel by the roadside is that you can’t remove the push-on cover on the security locking wheel nut. Thankfully I discovered mine removal tool was past it’s best while I was on the drive in the warm sunshine. The inner ridges that… Read more »

Stainless steel fixings

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Further to my post about replacing one of the rear lamps I decided to source some stainless steel fixings for all of the rear lamp units to tidy up the rear end. I found some replacements from Stig Fasteners – http://www.a2stainless.co.uk/Freelander-Rear-Light-Lens-Torx-Screws-Facelift-03-06_A5NK5.aspx?nh=1 – £3 and two days later they arrived so once again out came the screwdriver.          … Read more »