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Freelander 2 Badge Removal

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Removed badge

I’ve never been a fan of spec level badges. I don’t like the snobbery and elitism associated with the whole scheme. Also as Modchop posted previously, badges can be prised off by morons leading to an expensive repair bill. I therefore decided to remove the SE badge from the GLR Freelander 2. As in the previous badge removal post it was… Read more »

Fitting wind deflectors to Freelander 2

I’ve always wanted to fit some wind deflectors to my vehicle ever since I saw them on Ian’s Discovery  however Climair never did them for Freelander. Recently at a show I saw the Heko ones and so set about tracking some down. Finally found them on the Heko website and this led me to finding them on an eBay shop. Anyhow we fitted… Read more »

Freelander For Sale

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Sadly circumstances at the moment dictate the need to move the Freelander on; it’s been a brief but enjoyable affair and will spell the beginning of a short hiatus from Land Rover for myself but rest assured I will be back in the green oval soon… In brief: – Zambezi silver 2005 (55 Plate) HSE specification 88250 Miles Approx 6 Months… Read more »

LRO Photo-shoot

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In response to a request from John Carroll on Land Rover Owner International magazines forum for a standard, post-facelift Freelander 1 to feature in a LRO buying guide I found myself pulling up outside a very ordinary looking industrial unit on the outskirts of Derby city centre this morning. I was greeted by John Colley the photographer who after a… Read more »

Freelander air filter replacement

I decided to change the air filter for no other reason than I’d picked up a replacement at a show for a bargain price! There’s nothing difficult involved in changing the filter but accessing the 2 rearmost fixings can be a bit of a struggle due to their placement, for the rear 2 you’ll need a 5mm hex bit and… Read more »

Replacing Freelander 2 Interior Wood Trim

I’ve never been keen on ‘wood’ trims in cars however I’m even less a fan of ‘carbon fibre’ or metallic trims. Therefore when an opportunity came to get some eucalyptus blonde ‘wood’ trims at a good price I jumped at it. The wood being the lesser of 2 evils… Fitting them and it was a reasonably easy task. The glove box… Read more »

Goodbye Freelander, hello Freelander 2

After many years and miles of service I have decided to trade in the Freelander for a Freelander 2. Spotted the new incumbent on the Land Rover Approved Used Vehcicles site. It was located at Guy Salmon in Wakefield. Along way to travel but the price seemed good and after an initial visit a deal was made. Took the old car… Read more »

Locking wheel nut cover removal tool

Something you don’t want to discover on a dark, wet windy night when you’re trying to change a wheel by the roadside is that you can’t remove the push-on cover on the security locking wheel nut. Thankfully I discovered mine removal tool was past it’s best while I was on the drive in the warm sunshine. The inner ridges that… Read more »

Stainless steel fixings

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Further to my post about replacing one of the rear lamps I decided to source some stainless steel fixings for all of the rear lamp units to tidy up the rear end. I found some replacements from Stig Fasteners – http://www.a2stainless.co.uk/Freelander-Rear-Light-Lens-Torx-Screws-Facelift-03-06_A5NK5.aspx?nh=1 – £3 and two days later they arrived so once again out came the screwdriver.          … Read more »