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Sicilian Yellow Limited Edition Evoque Debuts Black Design Pack

Yesterday Jaguar Land Rover announced the new limited edition Range Rover Evoque in Sicilian Yellow with ‘Black Design Pack’ We love the Evoque over here at GLR (Well I do anyway…) but obviously we couldn’t have one of these in our fleet as it’s not GREEN! However if JLR want to loan us one for a review, we wouldn’t complain! Anyhow… Read more »

Land Rover Evoque wins US Truck of the Year

The Land Rover Evoque has been voted ‘Truck of the Year’ by a panel of 50 US  auto journalists. The panel based in Detroit has caused a stir due to the Evoque being more car-like than truck like. The New York Times ‘Wheels’ blog post reported – ‘The truck award particularly has engendered controversy, as nominees increasingly share more mechanical parts… Read more »

Evoque Unleashed tickets arrive

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Following on from the Evoque Live event. Land Rover have followed up by inviting attendees to apply for tickets for the “Evoque Unleashed” event. Within an hour of receiving the email inviting me to apply I’d secured a place. Well the tickets arrived today and this is what they looked like.               Not sure… Read more »