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Land Rover Freelander to be replaced by Discovery Sport

I was somewhat saddened to learn that Land Rover has announced the demise of the Freelander. It is to be replaced by the ‘Discovery Sport’.Various sites including Land Rover are running the story:- Land Rover Official Site “The New Age of Discovery” Auto Express – “Land Rover Discovery Sport 2014 price & release date” Auto Car – Land Rover Discovery Sport… Read more »

JATE Rings

Modchop   01/02/2012   No Comments on JATE Rings

Back in 2009 I bought and fitted a NAS style receiver hitch complete with drop plate, tow ball and a recovery shackle and very pleased with it I was too but (and there’s always a but) in all the time I’d had it fitted I’d only had cause to use it once when I dragged a car out of a… Read more »

The All Terrains go on

We’re still yet to see the white stuff but in readiness (well that’s my excuse) I decided to swap my wheels and tyres over today for my ‘winter set’, they’re not the prettiest alloys and they’ll certainly not be winning any concourse competitions but they are fitted with a set of General Grabber AT2’s. The weather forecast keeps promising us… Read more »

Td5 Air Filter Renewal & First Drive of the New Year

After getting the engine oil and filters changed just before Christmas (and gearbox oil a few weeks prior to that) I edged a little nearer to completing the full service today by changing the air filter. The existing air filter was less than 12000 miles ‘old’ but as you can see from the pictures below, it was in a pretty… Read more »

EGR Valve removal – Quick update

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I removed the EGR valve and so far the signs are good, the engine seems that little bit more responsive and mileage from a full tank of fuel seems slightly up. I’ve covered approximately 600 miles since removal, that included all kinds of driving from motorway, twisty fast ‘A’ roads, windy little ‘B’ roads and… Read more »