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May we apologise once again to anyone that follows us on Twitter, although you’ve probably had a Twitter alert saying that there is ‘new stuff on GLR’ we still can’t access our account to ‘tweet’ or reply to anyone, hopefully we’ll be back up and running in the very near future. Thank you.  

The Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide

This book has been one of those rare books that I just keep coming back to, it probably wouldn’t be considered as ‘bedtime reading’ for most people but I’m constantly re-reading whole chapters of this weighty tome. The author Tom Sheppard is nothing if not thorough, pretty much every detail you could think of regarding a vehicle based trip or… Read more »

New Blog

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Welcome to the Green Land Rover blog. It’s not about environmentally friendly Land Rovers so apologies if that’s what your looking for. The blog is mostly about the ownership and adventures that my friend Ian and I have had in our various Landies. The common factor being that they’ve all been green. Hope you enjoy this blog and it’ll grow… Read more »