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LR003852 Cargo Net for Freelander 2

I’ve been after this cargo net for ages. It’s a very useful net that serves a couple of functions: – I wasn’t willing to pay the £60+ that is generally demanded for LR003852. I think the price these things retail at is a bit unreasonable and £30 is closer to the mark. Anyhow I spotted on on eBay and managed to bag… Read more »

Freelander 2 Window Blinds

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I’ve had the sun shades for the Freelander 2 for a while but haven’t got around to writing about them. Following a request on the Freelander 2 forum, I took some pictures so decided to write a quick post about them. The shades were bought from vanstyle.co.uk. The link to them is here The pictures show the before and after of fitting… Read more »

Fitting Freelander 2 Mats

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Since getting the carpets mats, I’ve struggled to keep them clean at this time of year. Especially now I’m parking the Freelander in the back garden and there’s no hardened surface (yet). Decided to go for some Britpart  mats (Part No DA4800) from Salop 4×4 (They are £5 cheaper at LR Series!) . They arrived this morning and took a few minutes to fit…. Read more »

Fitting wind deflectors to Freelander 2

I’ve always wanted to fit some wind deflectors to my vehicle ever since I saw them on Ian’s Discovery  however Climair never did them for Freelander. Recently at a show I saw the Heko ones and so set about tracking some down. Finally found them on the Heko website and this led me to finding them on an eBay shop. Anyhow we fitted… Read more »

Freelander rear door handle broken

Came home from work today and when I tried to open the boot, the handle broke away from the door: – I swung into action, well I fired up the laptop and looked on eBay for a second hand part. Unfortunately it became apparent that price difference between a second hand and a new part made it not worthwhile bothering… Read more »

Freelander Harman Kardon Upgrade

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Sometime ago I detailed the Freelander stereo upgrade in this post. Mentioned in the post I hadn’t got the amplifier One of my eBay searches came up trumps a few days ago. Managed to bag the following items to (almost) complete my stereo upgrade. Harman Kardon amplifier (XQK100300). I was hoping to get the XQK100301 but they’re both pin to… Read more »

Discovery front mudflaps fitted

Since I removed the sidesteps I’ve been ‘flap-less’ due to the fact that the mudflaps are built into the sidesteps so when they went, the ‘flaps went, not good! As mentioned in a previous post I’d ordered the mudflaps a few weeks ago and was waiting for the opportunity to fit them, trouble was either the weather or circumstance seemed… Read more »

Discovery front mudflaps

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Next on the agenda will be the fitting of some front mudflaps, since removing the sidesteps the Disco has been ‘flapless’ due to the sidesteps having the front mudflaps built-in to the front end of the steps. I’ve already bought a set of mudflaps (part number STC50067) from Duckworth Parts in Lincolnshire, they came with all the necessary fixings and bracketry… Read more »

Fitting a Discovery dog guard

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I managed to find a spare hour this evening so set about fitting my newly acquired dog guard.  Fitting is a fairly straightforward, if fiddly affair, securing the two small nuts on the underside of the bottom brackets being the most testing for my less than dainty hands. Basically once you’ve fitted the top brackets to the rearmost grab handles,… Read more »