Almost there

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Well just one more day of work to go before I collect the 110. I’ve just finished emptying the Nissan in readiness, why do we carry so much stuff around with us ? Gloves, tow-straps, WD-40, etc. Now I know these are essential items in a Land Rover, but I’ve never had to use any of this stuff in the last 18… Read more »

GPS Antenna Installation

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As I intend to install the Alpine NVE-N999P I needed a GPS antenna. The NVE-N999P comes with a puck antenna that you are supposed to locate on the dash somewhere. I didn’t really like this idea as it looks a bit naff . Therefore thought it would be good to utilise the proper Land Rover GPS antenna. Nick had used… Read more »

That’s Infotainment

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I’ve always been fascinated by GPS and when I owned my previous Freelander I had intended to upgrade the infotainment system. Now I have a second chance I’m going to try and get this sorted. My ideal system would comprise of a multimedia headunit with retractable screen. This would have iPod functionality and integrate with existing steering wheel controls. It… Read more »

Clutch Repair

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The Freelander is going in for a master cylinder replacement on Thurs. The pedal began sticking down when I was in Wales a few weeks ago after traversing the Wayfarer’s Pass greenlane. The clutch did get quite hot and the some smoke escaped from the bellhousing which is probably why I need a new master cylinder! I’m taking it Ultimate… Read more »

New Blog

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Welcome to the Green Land Rover blog. It’s not about environmentally friendly Land Rovers so apologies if that’s what your looking for. The blog is mostly about the ownership and adventures that my friend Ian and I have had in our various Landies. The common factor being that they’ve all been green. Hope you enjoy this blog and it’ll grow… Read more »