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Welcome to the Green Land Rover blog.

It’s not about environmentally friendly Land Rovers so apologies if that’s what your looking for.

The blog is mostly about the ownership and adventures that my friend Ian and I have had in our various Landies. The common factor being that they’ve all been green.

Hope you enjoy this blog and it’ll grow over the coming weeks, months and years as we go places and do things with our Land Rovers.

I’m trying to put together a nice graphic for the top but until then you’ll have to make do with the gradient (done with Photoshop CS).



GLR Webmaster & Contributor.

In real life I'm a Software Engineer developing embedded software mainly in the automotive industry.

Freelander 2 SE TD4 in Tonga Green
Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE in Aintree Green
Defender XS also in Tonga Green - Gone
Freelander Td4 ES TD4 in Epsom Green - Gone
Freelander Td4 Kalahari TD4 in Epsom Green - Gone
Freelander XEi in Epsom Green - Gone