Happy Birthday Green Land Rover

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Today we are celebrating our 6th birthday here at GLR Towers.

Lots of things have happened in the past years and there are blog posts a plenty to show this.

We haven’t blogged that much of late but, on my part, I think that’s because I’m not as inspired by the Freelander 2 as I was with my previous Freelanders. So much so that I’m thinking of selling the Freelander 2 and buying another Freelander 1. Anyhow, that’s a tale for another day. Time to celebrate our birthday…






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Freelander 2 SE TD4 in Tonga Green
Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE in Aintree Green
Defender XS also in Tonga Green - Gone
Freelander Td4 ES TD4 in Epsom Green - Gone
Freelander Td4 Kalahari TD4 in Epsom Green - Gone
Freelander XEi in Epsom Green - Gone