Green Land Rover is now even more secure

You may notice that all GLR addresses are now prefixed with https:// rather than the old http://.

This means that any traffic between you and our servers are now protected by 256 bit encryption.

Therefore your login details will not be able to be viewed by anyone (except maybe the CIA, NSA or GCHQ!)



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In real life I'm a Software Engineer developing embedded software mainly in the automotive industry.

Freelander 2 SE TD4 in Tonga Green
Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE in Aintree Green
Defender XS also in Tonga Green - Gone
Freelander Td4 ES TD4 in Epsom Green - Gone
Freelander Td4 Kalahari TD4 in Epsom Green - Gone
Freelander XEi in Epsom Green - Gone