Freelander rear door handle broken

Came home from work today and when I tried to open the boot, the handle broke away from the door: –


I swung into action, well I fired up the laptop and looked on eBay for a second hand part. Unfortunately it became apparent that price difference between a second hand and a new part made it not worthwhile bothering with a second hand part. The part required is CXB000280PMA. This is the black one and not the grey plastic one fitted to earlier models.

Whilst I was doing this I though I may as well do the rear door electric release solenoid as this has been sticking a lot lately. Although it’s been treated with WD40 it still persists in sticking. The part number for this is FQR000010.

Then I though I may as well fit my Mudstuff Frame Net while the rear door card is off too.

I’ve ordered the spaes from Duckworth Parts as they were the cheapest. More work to do at the weekend!!!



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