EGR Removal – At Last!

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At last, why at last? Well, I actually bought this EGR bypass kit back in 2008 from the LRO Show at Peterborough, I got it from Td5 Alive (as they were back then) to fit to my Defender but never got around to fitting it, so now 3 years or so on I’ve finally got around to fitting it to the Discovery, luckily it’s the same kit as the Defender as this also had a EU3 compliant engine.

The EGR bypass kit

Renewing the coolant outlet presented the perfect opportunity to remove the EGR valve and associated pipework as access with the coolant outlet and top hose removed is considerably easier. The end attached to the exhaust manifold is fixed with two 5mm cap headed bolts, there’s a bracket to remove on the front face of the engine and four 8mm bolts holding the valve assembly to the inlet manifold. You also have to disconnect two of the push-fit vacuum hoses that go from the EGR valve to the modulators, the set up of these can vary dependent on year and application so it’s best to get the information specific to your vehicle as some of these can be safety critical providing a vacuum to the brake servo.

Access is so much easier with the top hose & outlet out of the way

You can see from this picture all the soot and carbon build up that is being drawn in to the inlet manifold

Removal is as simple as unbolting the pipework and fitting the blank at the manifold side and the plain tube at the intercooler/inlet side.

Blank at exhaust manifold fitted

EGR valve assembly removed at the inlet manifold side

Unrestricted bypass tube fitted

The whole of the EGR assembly removed in one piece

As yet I’ve only had a brief drive since removing the EGR so it’s too early to say whether there’s any appreciable improvement in performance or economy but either way it’s nice to know that the engine is now breathing clean air at last.






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