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Defender Joins the GLR Fleet

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Today we collected the latest addition to the GLR fleet, a 2007 Defender 90 XS in Tonga Green. It’s not the first Defender in the fleet, in fact it’s the 4th. The previous 3 all being owned by Ian so it was about time I pulled my finger out and got some Defender love! He’s been christened Larry. Very excited… Read more »

LR003852 Cargo Net for Freelander 2

I’ve been after this cargo net for ages. It’s a very useful net that serves a couple of functions: – I wasn’t willing to pay the £60+ that is generally demanded for LR003852. I think the price these things retail at is a bit unreasonable and £30 is closer to the mark. Anyhow I spotted on on eBay and managed to bag… Read more »

Freelander 2 New Tyre Required

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Yesterday morning the Freelander underside scraped on the driveway of the service road I use to put the vehicle in the back garden. “Strange” I thought but nothing more. Only when I was driving up the road and the ominous flat tyre noise came drumming in did I realise what had happened. I Turned the vehicle around and parked up… Read more »

Torque Wrench

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When refitting wheels or any other component for that matter I always like to tighten the fixings or bolts, etc to the recommended torque value especially where the correct torque can be safety critical. I already have two torque wrenches of differing sizes and between them they tend to cover most circumstances for everyday maintenance and repairs but on a… Read more »

Goodbye Freelander, hello Freelander 2

After many years and miles of service I have decided to trade in the Freelander for a Freelander 2. Spotted the new incumbent on the Land Rover Approved Used Vehcicles site. It was located at Guy Salmon in Wakefield. Along way to travel but the price seemed good and after an initial visit a deal was made. Took the old car… Read more »


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After much searching and looking at a couple of ‘not quite as described’ (and that’s putting it politely) vehicles I finally found a Freelander that fitted the bill. This would be the replacement for the recently departed Discovery and also the vehicle of choice for ‘high-days and holidays’ as well as the daily driver so it had to be right;… Read more »

Parking Distance Control Arrives

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Ever since I backed into a concrete dustbin shelter at Scotgate campsite in the Lakes, I’ve been meaning to get one of these. I had one on the Kalahari and it was a godsend as the rear view in the Freelander isn’t great! I found on at Britcar for £460.44! It was out of the question till  I came across… Read more »