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Debadging the Discovery 4

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As discussed previously in a post regarding the debadging of the GLR Freelander 2, I’m not a fan of spec level badges so, yesterday, on a whim, I removed the HSE badge. The procedure was fairly straight forward:-  Using a length of very thin paracord the letters of badge were ‘carved’ off. leaving behind the sticky backed foam.  Rubbed off the foam… Read more »

Fitting LR007440 Cup Holder/Oddments Tray to Freelander 2

Some time ago I bought an ashtray (LR005248) to fit in the GLR Freelander 2. This was just to hold odds and ends. However it’s been taking up one of the cup holder locations which causes a problem for GLR staff when visiting their favourite drive through. I’ve seen the ash tray/oddments holder that fits in the rear of the… Read more »

Fitting a Rear Power Socket in a Freelander 2

I’ve wanted a power socket in the boot since I’ve owned my current Freelander. I’ve had one in all the previous Freelanders I’ve owned. I generally use them for powering my coolbox but have used it for powering a small compressor for pumping up tyres. Not long after I bought the current Freelander, I had to take it in for… Read more »

Freelander 2 Badge Removal

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Removed badge

I’ve never been a fan of spec level badges. I don’t like the snobbery and elitism associated with the whole scheme. Also as Modchop posted previously, badges can be prised off by morons leading to an expensive repair bill. I therefore decided to remove the SE badge from the GLR Freelander 2. As in the previous badge removal post it was… Read more »

Replacing Freelander 2 Interior Wood Trim

I’ve never been keen on ‘wood’ trims in cars however I’m even less a fan of ‘carbon fibre’ or metallic trims. Therefore when an opportunity came to get some eucalyptus blonde ‘wood’ trims at a good price I jumped at it. The wood being the lesser of 2 evils… Fitting them and it was a reasonably easy task. The glove box… Read more »

JATE Rings

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Back in 2009 I bought and fitted a NAS style receiver hitch complete with drop plate, tow ball and a recovery shackle and very pleased with it I was too but (and there’s always a but) in all the time I’d had it fitted I’d only had cause to use it once when I dragged a car out of a… Read more »