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Freelander 2 Problems

I purchased my Freelander 2  from Guy Salmon in Wakefield  last August. I’ve had 10 months of fairly trouble free motoring and other than a problem I had with the sunroof everything has been fine. Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed a few problems with the vehicle: – Tailgate release switch doesn’t work. Have to use the key… Read more »

Increasing RAM to 16Gb on a MacBook Pro

Not really a Land Rover article per se but here at GLR Towers, we like Macs. ModChop has a rather nice iMac and I use a MacBook Pro. I first used a Macintosh for a brief spell back in 1987 when I started on a Youth Training Scheme. However I used mostly DOS/Windows machines since then. Back in 2011 I bought… Read more »

Freelander 2 New Tyre Required

Yesterday morning the Freelander underside scraped on the driveway of the service road I use to put the vehicle in the back garden. “Strange” I thought but nothing more. Only when I was driving up the road and the ominous flat tyre noise came drumming in did I realise what had happened. I Turned the vehicle around and parked up… Read more »

Torque Wrench

When refitting wheels or any other component for that matter I always like to tighten the fixings or bolts, etc to the recommended torque value especially where the correct torque can be safety critical. I already have two torque wrenches of differing sizes and between them they tend to cover most circumstances for everyday maintenance and repairs but on a… Read more »

Locking wheel nut cover removal tool

Something you don’t want to discover on a dark, wet windy night when you’re trying to change a wheel by the roadside is that you can’t remove the push-on cover on the security locking wheel nut. Thankfully I discovered mine removal tool was past it’s best while I was on the drive in the warm sunshine. The inner ridges that… Read more »

Stainless steel fixings

Further to my post about replacing one of the rear lamps I decided to source some stainless steel fixings for all of the rear lamp units to tidy up the rear end. I found some replacements from Stig Fasteners – – £3 and two days later they arrived so once again out came the screwdriver.          … Read more »