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Freelander 2 Problems

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I purchased my Freelander 2  from Guy Salmon in Wakefield  last August. I’ve had 10 months of fairly trouble free motoring and other than a problem I had with the sunroof everything has been fine. Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed a few problems with the vehicle: – Tailgate release switch doesn’t work. Have to use the key… Read more »

Freelander: What’s in a name?

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According to an article published by Autocar today Land Rover is intending to drop the Freelander name when the new model is launched late next year. Speculation is that the Freelander will join the Discovery ‘family’ to streamline the model lineage, it’s also expected that the new model will be based on an elongated Evoque platform. The Freelander name hasn’t… Read more »

Dambusters’ 70th Anniversary Flypast

Here at GLR towers we love aircraft! When the chance to see the BBMF Spitfire & Lancaster at Derwent reservoir presented itself, we couldn’t resist! The occasion was the 70th anniversary of ‘Operation Chastise‘. As usual we spent quite a while planning (dithering) on how we would mount our campaign. An early start was in order so we decided such a… Read more »

Freelander 2 New Tyre Required

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Yesterday morning the Freelander underside scraped on the driveway of the service road I use to put the vehicle in the back garden. “Strange” I thought but nothing more. Only when I was driving up the road and the ominous flat tyre noise came drumming in did I realise what had happened. I Turned the vehicle around and parked up… Read more »

Freelander 2 60k Service

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I have been meaning to get the Freelander 2 serviced now for several months. However due to other pressures I’ve been unable to find the time. Finally managed to get it booked into Ultimate Land Rover yesterday. As usual Terry came and picked it up for me around 8 o’clock and brought back around 7. That man works long hours! They… Read more »

Freelander 2 offroad capability demonstration

Whilst surfing around earlier, I came across this video on YouTube: – [video_frame] [iframe url=”” width=”572″ height=”312″] [/video_frame] It’s a pretty impressive video! Worth watching in YouTube to look at the comments regarding the different Terrain Response System modes

Freelander 2 in the snow

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Yesterday I had to take our hairy beast to Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital in Cambridge for treatment for an ongoing condition. This was the 3rd of 4 visits and so far the trip there had been reasonably smooth, taking just under 2 hours. However due to the weather conditions yesterday, it took a little longer! My route was to be M5… Read more »

Freelander 2 Window Blinds

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I’ve had the sun shades for the Freelander 2 for a while but haven’t got around to writing about them. Following a request on the Freelander 2 forum, I took some pictures so decided to write a quick post about them. The shades were bought from The link to them is here The pictures show the before and after of fitting… Read more »