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Happy Birthday GLR

Today is our 5th birthday! Both Ian and I have been posting for that long! Seems like only yesterday since we started this little folly way back then.  Here’s our first post: – Things have changed quite a lot since then. We have a nice shiny new look and the GLR fleet has changed. Anyhow enough of the nostalgia, it’s… Read more »

The Snow Peak Double Walled Titanium Mug

If you’re a regular reader here one thing will probably be all too apparent, we like our tea at GLR towers! I can’t think of any trips we’ve done, be that shows, camping, greenlaning or just out for a drive where at some stage during the trip we haven’t pulled over and dragged the ‘brew box’ out of the boot… Read more »

We’re back!

Jason   09/09/2012   No Comments on We’re back!

After a long time off the air our Tefal people have finally got us up and running. Several problems have kept us from updating the blog including being hacked and re-directed to a Russian website. We have a backlog of articles to post including our usual mix of repairs, mod, shows etc but we have some very exciting news about… Read more »


Modchop   01/02/2012   No Comments on Twitter

May we apologise once again to anyone that follows us on Twitter, although you’ve probably had a Twitter alert saying that there is ‘new stuff on GLR’ we still can’t access our account to ‘tweet’ or reply to anyone, hopefully we’ll be back up and running in the very near future. Thank you.