Alloy wheel change

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This is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now, as much as I like the 18″ rims that came with my Discovery I’ve always preferred the ride quality with 16″ rims, so at last I’ve done something about it. After scouring many adverts for 16″ alloy rims and even buying some a while back (that proved to be unsuitable for me in the end) I finally found a set of 5 that seemed to fit the bill. They are genuine Land Rover alloys known as  ‘Lightning’ (part number RRC112820MNH) with a ‘silver sparkle’ finish. All 5 alloys are in very good condition and came with a recently fitted set of Pirelli ‘Scorpion ST’ tyres.
Aside from the improvement in ride quality, another bonus with 16″ rims is the much greater choice of tyres and as an added bonus to that 16″ tyres are usually a fair bit cheaper which is always a good thing!
Something else I’d like to do eventually is remove the side-steps, I think this will improve the look especially now the 16″ rims are fitted and also improve ground clearance and break-over angle.

'Lightning' silver sparkle finish alloy rims - part# RRC112820MNH


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