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by Jason

Land Rover releases new Discovery Sport

September 3, 2014 in Discovery Sport, Freelander by Jason

Land Rover has released the new Discovery Sport.

The full story can be found on their website and  a there is good write up by Auto Express.

Well according to Auto Express the new Disco Sport is “another stunning Land Rover design from Gerry McGovern”. I couldn’t agree less. It seems Land Rover are moving further from their brand origins and now producing blinged up ‘”premium” vehicles with little differentiation from the rest of the market. They now resemble something between a BMW X3 and a Kia Sportage or Sorento. 

According to McGovern “Existing Discovery owners told us they wanted something more premium and less brutal, so that’s what we’re delivering.”  There is little difference in the Range Rover and Land Rover lines now especially in the smaller models. What’s the point in that?

As the Auto Express article states, they are launching with the existing Ford derived diesel lump. There was a time when Land Rover would have waited for the engine but it seems they need to get something more ‘stylish’ out  so that the Freelander can be led away with the Defender, for fear of not fitting in with the cool new kids in the Land Rover family.

Well done Land Rover. Your minimalist house dwelling , suited but no tie, cuff linked stylists have  definitely left the past behind. Style now trumps substance with little nod to your heritage other than the green oval badge (and you’ve even changed that…).




by Jason

Happy Birthday Green Land Rover

July 13, 2014 in Blog by Jason

Today we are celebrating our 6th birthday here at GLR Towers.

Lots of things have happened in the past years and there are blog posts a plenty to show this.

We haven’t blogged that much of late but, on my part, I think that’s because I’m not as inspired by the Freelander 2 as I was with my previous Freelanders. So much so that I’m thinking of selling the Freelander 2 and buying another Freelander 1. Anyhow, that’s a tale for another day. Time to celebrate our birthday…




by Jason

Freelander passes MOT and more selling indecision.

June 20, 2014 in Uncategorized by Jason

It’s that time of year again and and the GLR Freelander is due for MOT.

As usual Terry from Ultimate Land Rover picked it up first thing and it was returned at the end of the day with a new MOT. Top service and highly recommended!

I’m still torn as to whether to sell the Freelander and get a small car for commuting and a Freelander 1 for fun stuff. My main fear is that I’m looking at my Freelander 1 ownership through rose tinted glasses. However looking back through this blog I don’t think that is true. Any issues I had with Freelander 1 ownership were mainly wear and tear items (clutch, brakes etc).

Anyhow the internal debate continues. As soon as I’ve made a decision, I’ll be writing about it here.

by Jason

Land Rover Freelander to be replaced by Discovery Sport

April 18, 2014 in Discovery, Freelander by Jason

I was somewhat saddened to learn that Land Rover has announced the demise of the Freelander. It is to be replaced by the ‘Discovery Sport’.Various sites including Land Rover are running the story:-

Land Rover Official Site “The New Age of Discovery”

Auto Express – “Land Rover Discovery Sport 2014 price & release date”

Auto Car – Land Rover Discovery Sport to replace Freelander

I love Freelanders. I remember being excited when I read in a motoring magazine in the mid 90’s that Land Rover were releasing a smaller model. The named cited by the magazine back then was the “Highlander” I think??? I got my first one in 1998 and it was fantastic! Underpowered and thirsty but it was my Land Rover! I loved the style cues that Gerry McGovern chose to give a nod to Land Rover’s heritage. The Defender like rear lights, the Discovery like stepped roof (Much diminished in the Freelander 2).

I later got a Td4 SE Kalahari and this was a quantum leap in refinement and power. I then had a break from Freelanders for a couple of years but finally got my favourite of them all a Td4 ES. This was the best of the Freelander 1 models that I have owned. I never liked the facelift they did to the Freelander 1. The front end was excellent and tied in with the then face lifted Discovery 2. However the back end was just plain awful! Night time visibility from the rear was diminished by reducing the size of the rear lights. The face lifted interior was a disaster too. All the useful nooks and crannies for stowing stuff away were gone to be replaced by useless cupholders and nasty new console. I think that was the beginning of the end for me.

I rue the day that I part exchanged my last Freelander 1 for my current Freelander 2 TD4. Don’t get me wrong, the Freelander 2 is a fine vehicle and another leap forward in refinement, sophistication and power. However I don’t feel the affinity that I did to my last Freelander 1. It’s more complex, I can’t do much work on it myself. With the Freelander 1 I felt an ownership I don’t feel with this latest model.

Initially, I like the look of the proposed new model in the featured image here, but I have a feeling it’s going to lead me further away from that feeling I had for the Freelander 1. My overall feeling is that, in the newer models, Land Rover is that the designers stylists are moving away from the utility feel of the past to a ‘Footballer’s Wife’ look. Not sure at this point that’ll I’ll be rushing out to get the new ‘Discovery Sport’ (did I mention I really don’t like that ‘Sport’ suffix?). In fact I’m seriously thinking of dropping the Freelander 2, buying something small for the daily commute and getting a low mileage pre facelift Freelander 1 for high days and holidays. It will of course have to be Epsom Green…

Featured image credit Milos Dvrorak via the Auto Express website.

by Modchop

Roger Crathorne to retire

March 27, 2014 in News, Uncategorized by Modchop

The man often citied as ‘Mr Land Rover’ has announced that he is to retire from the company after 50 years service.

Roger Crathorne joined Land Rover in 1963 as an engineering apprentice. Roger then worked his way through the company working on the development of the Range Rover and was instrumental in setting up the Land Rover ‘Experience’ before moving into the PR side of the business eventually becoming Land Rover’s Heritage, Enthusiast and Technical PR Manager.

For full details of the Land Rover press release please click here


by Jason

Freelander 2 Flat Battery

October 20, 2013 in Battery, Faults, Freelander by Jason

Yesterday, Ian and I made a trip to see a friend in Telford. All three of us went to Wales for the day and a jolly good time was had by all. Got back home about 9:30pm last night, parked the Freelander and then went inside.

As I couldn’t park directly outside my house last night, I went out to the vehicle around midday and was going to move it. The following sequence of events then happened: –

  1. Put the key fob in the dash. Ignition lights come on etc
  2. Pressed the start button
  3. Engine didn’t turn over just a CLICK.
  4. Instrument pack resets and key fob locked in receptacle.
  5. After a few seconds system recovered and ignition lights came back on.
  6. This happened again when I pressed the start button.

I knew this was a flat battery as it has happened to me before a few months ago. Disconnected the battery and it’s now on charge.

After a quick session of Googling, I found this post on the Freelander 2 forum. One of the things mentioned in the post was that it happened to someone after they turned the ignition off whilst still using mobile phone via Bluetooth. Mobile then goes from handsfree to normal mode and all is expected to be well. Unfortunately though it seems as if  this is the problem I have encountered.

Once the battery is charged and re-installed I’m going to adopt the following strategy: –

  1. End any phone call and turn off Bluetooth before turning off the engine.
  2. Make sure wipers & headlights are not on auto also before turning off the engine.
  3. Double lock the vehicle (tend to do this anyway).

I’ll report any findings back here and hopefully get the problem resolved. If you have had similar experiences, please leave a comment here or tweet us @greenlandrover.

Update  (20/10/13 19:47)
I forgot to mention earlier that after an impromptu stop at a well known supermarket on the way to Ian’s, I had an incident when after starting, the dashboard battery light came on and the vehicle didn’t respond to throttle inputs (i.e. just stayed at tickover). After about 30s, the battery light went out and everything was fine. Most bizarre! (Similar incidents reported here on Freelander 2 Forum)

Update  (24/10/13)
Freelander is booked in at Stratstone Land Rover Solihull for investigation on Monday 28/10/13. I’ll report back after the visit.

Update  (28/10/13)
Freelander dropped off at Stratstone Land Rover Solihull this morning. They can’t find a fault as yet. Told them about the land Rover technical Bulletin LTB00391 (which can be downloaded here).

Update  (29/10/13)
Nav system etc firmware updated as per LTB00391. Advised to keep an eye on it and call back if there’s a problem. As always great service from Jack at Stratstone. Nice guy and ex Air Cadet to boot!

by Modchop

End of the Defender?

October 4, 2013 in Defender, News by Modchop

Rumours have abounded for several years now about the demise of the venerable Defender in it’s present form but if the latest story to appear in the press is true it looks like 2015 will see the final Defender rolling off the production line at Solihull.

The full article can be read here

It’ll be interesting to see what Land Rover intend to replace the Defender with given the rather luke warm reception given to the DC100 concept when it was revealed late in 2011.

How exactly do you replace a design icon?


by Jason

LR003852 Cargo Net for Freelander 2

July 26, 2013 in Accessories, Freelander, Purchase by Jason

I’ve been after this cargo net for ages. It’s a very useful net that serves a couple of functions: –

I wasn’t willing to pay the £60+ that is generally demanded for LR003852. I think the price these things retail at is a bit unreasonable and £30 is closer to the mark.

Anyhow I spotted on on eBay and managed to bag it for £28 including P&P. Got it from this chap on eBay. It arrived very quickly and was easy to fit.  Highly recommended if you can get one at the right price!

Just wondering if it will keep the hairy beast from trying to leap out when I open the boot?


Hairy Beast

Hairy Beast

by Jason

Happy Birthday GLR

July 13, 2013 in Blog, News by Jason

Today is our 5th birthday! Both Ian and I have been posting for that long! Seems like only yesterday since we started this little folly way back then.  Here’s our first post: -GLR First Post

Things have changed quite a lot since then. We have a nice shiny new look and the GLR fleet has changed. Anyhow enough of the nostalgia, it’s not what it used to be. Here’s to the next 5 years…

by Jason

Freelander passes MOT

June 14, 2013 in Freelander, MOT by Jason

The first MOT for the GLR Freelander has come around. It’s due on 20/06/13 but I always like to get it done early!

I was quite concerned that it could fail based on the issues that are due to be fixed by Stratstone next week.

However Terry from our favourite indie Land Rover garage Ultimate Land Rover picked it up this morning and dropped it off an hour or so ago.

2013 Freelander MOT

As a bonus they also gave me one of their shiny new keyrings!

Ultimate Land Rover Keyring

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